What Are The Uses Of Rhodiola Rosea Extract?

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Rhodiola Rosea Extract is one of the plants that has been very important in the traditional medical field over the years. This flowering herb is thriving the best in cold region with high altitude, particularly in Europe, Asia as well as Alaska. Iceland, Greece, and France are among the countries the use of Rhodiola Rosea extract and it has been prominent over the years. Rhodiola Rosea extract uses are including stress adaptation, physical and mental performance enhancement, and to minimize the severity of the generalized anxiety disorder symptoms or stress-induced eating disorders.

  • Physical and mental performance

Some of the users of Rhodiola Rosea take products made from the extracts of the plant to improve their physical performance or mental concentration and reasoning. The use is backed by the findings of some studies which show that the plant’s extracts can reduce physical as well as mental fatigue, particularly when someone is under a stressful situation.

  • Depression and anxiety

A study that involved ten people who took a daily Rhodiola Rosea extract dosage of 340 mg for ten weeks had evidence suggesting that the extract is capable of reducing generalized anxiety disorder symptoms.

  • Heart damage as a result of epirubicin medication

Some of the studies conducted so far about the functionality of Rhodiola Rosea extract show that it contains salidroside, which has the capability of minimizing the damaging effects of a chemotherapy drug called epirubicin. The extract is effective in this if it is taken one week prior to and during a chemotherapy session.

  • Improve athletic performance

Another study is conducted in 2009 and it is involved 15 college-age women placed into two groups as the subjects of the study. Each of the women in one of the groups was given a high Rhodiola Rosea extract dosage and the other group was put on a placebo. The researchers are noted that the women who were put on Rhodiola Rosea extract dosage managed to run faster as compared to the placebo group.

  • Gall bladder cancer symptoms

Early studies show that Rhodiola offers some gall bladder cancer benefits. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have the ability to minimize the relapse of cancer.

  • Premature ejaculation

Some of the men who have minimal control over their ejaculations also take an extract of Rhodiola roses in order to manage to prolong the sexual pleasure time before ejaculation.

  • Stress

Some seek stress relief from products containing Rhodiola Rosea extract. According to early research, taking a particular extract of the plant before taking breakfast and lunch meals can reduce stress symptoms Astragalus Extract (84687-43-4) among people going through various stressful situations.

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